Learning to Play the Guitar – First Impressions

Recently a customer of ours shared her first impressions about learning to play the guitar – here is the start of her guitar learning journey in her own words….

I was lucky enough to receive this beautiful guitar as a gift for Christmas this year, despite the fact that I can’t play a note (literally). I mean, just have a second to look at how pretty it is.

Anyway, today was the first day that I’ve actually managed to sit down and have a proper play with it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve sat down with it numerous times and just played open strings but that’s highly unfulfilling. It’s like having a brand new toy that I can’t play with. So yes, today I decided I’d begin my journey of learning how to play the guitar in the hope that I will ultimately be able to play a song and maybe even sing a bit (eeep!)

Here are some things I’ve learnt from my first hour and a half of being a guitar novice:

– Owning and holding a guitar, especially one as pretty as mine, makes me feel like I am cool
– I will never have a guitar plectrum for beginners when I need one because I already lost one for ten minutes on my first day
– The thing they say about your fingers hurting is really true
– I am really excited to be learning something new
– When they say cut your nails short and you think “ah, these will be fine”, you’re probably wrong
– This might be weird but I really, really like the smell of my guitar
– I am extremely impatient and, quite frankly, irritated that I’m not an expert already
– Youtube videos will help anyone learning guitar
– I have ridiculously small hands with very regimented fingers that will follow each other around against my will
– I pull a silly face when I’m concentrating
– When sitting behind my guitar, I look like a little elf who has been given a human-sized toy to play with

More information will unfold as I progress on my journey. It’s all very exciting and new and promising!

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