Why Use Headphones for Guitar Practice

The guitar is a very popular instrument. Available as acoustic or electric, it is an essential part of the equipment for every band. Many people take the time to learn how to play the guitar. Not only is its music soothing, you can strum the notes of your favourite songs on this instrument. To become really good at it, you have to practice regularly. This gives you a good grasp of the musical tone and notes as well. As you practice, it is best to use a headphone. Here is why this tip can help you to become a better guitar player.

They allow you to practice silently

Sometimes you may want to practice and improve your guitar skills but your roommate is sleeping or studying. You may also not want to wake or annoy the neighbors with loud guitar music. To achieve this, you can use a pair of headphones. Plugged into the guitar’s amp, they allow you to clearly hear the musical notes that you’re playing. When used with an electric guitar, headphones provide musical clarity to you and maintain silence for anybody around you.  Here is how to pick some inexpensive headphones.

Using headphones gives you a clearer perspective of your playing ability

Using headphones for guitar practice allows you to listen keenly to your music. They even assist you to hear the effect produced by a pedal more clearly. In addition to that, using headphones allows you to explore the sound processing ability of various models of amps.

Good quality headphones have noise cancellation. This feature allows you to hear the music that you are playing with no distractions. In addition to that, they provide you with a frequency range of between 5 Hz and 30kHz. This range is enough to give you a complete sonic experience. Therefore, you can practice your guitar skills and never miss a note.

What to look for when buying headphones for guitar practice

Not all headphones are ideal for playing the guitar. Regular stereo headphones are not advisable. The best type for practicing guitar are the studio-style, closed-back headphones. Moreover, they should have an over-the ear design and provide you with complete noise cancellation.

Headphones whose cable is detachable are the most ideal. That’s because they give you more room for movement. In addition to that, search for headphones which have a wide frequency range and an impedance of approximately 68 Ohms. This provides you with clear music, a deep bass and versatility.

The best way to practice your guitar skills is by using headphones. A number of reasons for this are indicated above. There are also some guidelines on how to pick some headphones for your guitar. With the right pairing, you can practice and sharpen your skills discreetly.

Learning to Play the Guitar – First Impressions

Recently a customer of ours shared her first impressions about learning to play the guitar – here is the start of her guitar learning journey in her own words….

I was lucky enough to receive this beautiful guitar as a gift for Christmas this year, despite the fact that I can’t play a note (literally). I mean, just have a second to look at how pretty it is.

Anyway, today was the first day that I’ve actually managed to sit down and have a proper play with it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve sat down with it numerous times and just played open strings but that’s highly unfulfilling. It’s like having a brand new toy that I can’t play with. So yes, today I decided I’d begin my journey of learning how to play the guitar in the hope that I will ultimately be able to play a song and maybe even sing a bit (eeep!)

Here are some things I’ve learnt from my first hour and a half of being a guitar novice:

– Owning and holding a guitar, especially one as pretty as mine, makes me feel like I am cool
– I will never have a guitar plectrum for beginners when I need one because I already lost one for ten minutes on my first day
– The thing they say about your fingers hurting is really true
– I am really excited to be learning something new
– When they say cut your nails short and you think “ah, these will be fine”, you’re probably wrong
– This might be weird but I really, really like the smell of my guitar
– I am extremely impatient and, quite frankly, irritated that I’m not an expert already
– Youtube videos will help anyone learning guitar
– I have ridiculously small hands with very regimented fingers that will follow each other around against my will
– I pull a silly face when I’m concentrating
– When sitting behind my guitar, I look like a little elf who has been given a human-sized toy to play with

More information will unfold as I progress on my journey. It’s all very exciting and new and promising!